Dive into the highlights of Sonic Days, where the future of sound is shaped by vibrant discussions, industry pioneers, and innovative minds. Watch as students, professionals, and international experts from the world of audio converge to share, learn, and inspire.

 Hear from our speakers:
Johan Hoel: “It’s a melting pot of fresh talent and seasoned professionals, all engaged in meaningful conversations about our industry.”
Ida Skovsgaard (translated from Danish): “Sonic Days is amazing because you meet people in the same boat. I really enjoy it.”
Dave Haydon: “A worthwhile experience with comprehensive seminars and networking with senior industry figures.”
Markus Stemler: “Impressed by the international scale and the learning opportunities for students.”
Aki Mäkivirta: “A well-designed program with top-level discussions. A fantastic event indeed.”
Eddy Bøgh Brixen: “The meticulous organization makes it a beautiful meeting place for sound enthusiasts.”
Frank Grønbæk: “A nice initiative uniting the industries. Highly recommend continuing this cool initiative.”

Experience the synergy of Sonic Days through this aftermovie, and witness how passion for sound creates a symphony of collaboration and learning.  Stay tuned for next year’s Sonic Days for more groundbreaking sessions and networking opportunities. #SonicDays #SoundDesign #AudioInnovation #Aftermovie