The Sonic Days event at Sonic College has been beautifully captured in a new video release by the Dolby Institute, showcasing the vibrant nexus of sound design education and industry advancement. This insider’s look, featuring key voices from the 2023 gathering, places a spotlight on Sonic Days as a leading conference dedicated entirely to the art of sound.

Lars Tirsbæk of Sonic College describes the institution as one of Europe’s largest sound design programs, offering a spectrum of audio disciplines that shape the future of sound storytelling. The Dolby Institute’s video echoes this sentiment, emphasizing Sonic Days as a unique event where sound takes center stage, unlike any other in the industry.

Industry expert John Scanlon highlights the conference’s breadth, from post-production to research and immersive audio, noting the forward-thinking discussions on the future of sound. Dolby Institute’s mission aligns seamlessly with Sonic Days’ goal to inspire and educate, as Glenn Kiser points out, celebrating the journey of students venturing into sonic arts careers.

David Ziegler and John Scanlon also underscore the quality of sessions at Sonic Days, from Oscar-nominated speakers to demonstrations of advanced technology like Dolby Atmos, providing students and professionals with an unparalleled immersive audio experience.

With Sonic Days poised as an essential platform for learning and innovation, and with partners like Dolby enhancing the educational experience, the conference stands out as a premier destination for audio professionals and enthusiasts alike.

To experience the full scope of Sonic Days 2023 and the exciting future of sound, watch the Dolby Institute’s feature video right here


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