About Sonic Days

Sonic Days is the pulse of sound and audio innovation—a conference where the brightest minds in audio technology, sound design, and music production converge. From the heart of Kolding, Denmark, we bring together thought leaders, industry innovators, and creative talents to explore and shape the auditory experiences of the future.

Educational Partnerships

At Sonic Days, we believe in the power of collaboration to drive the industry forward. That’s why we partner with leading educational institutions to craft a program that not only informs but also inspires. Our educational partners are fundamental to our conference, bringing cutting-edge research and academic excellence to the forefront of our sessions.

Your Questions Answered

As we prepare for the upcoming conference, we invite you to browse our FAQ to find answers to common questions about the event. And, as Sonic Days approaches, you can expect this space to grow with practical information to ensure your experience is as enriching and seamless as possible.

Join the Sonic Conversation
Whether you’re a student looking to jumpstart your career, a professional seeking to stay on the cutting edge, or simply someone passionate about sound, Sonic Days is the platform for you. Join us in the conversation that’s defining the sonic landscapes of tomorrow.

Practical Information

Stay tuned for more updates, and explore the subpages for detailed information about our educational partners, FAQs, and practical conference details as they become available.

Tracks at the conference:

Sound for Film & TV

What can immersive sound do for your storytelling?
In a combination of debates and presentations, we will demonstrate the storytelling possibilities of immersive sound for film & tv.


What is the future of podcasting? 
Podcasting is one of the hottest formats in media production at the moment – And it’s all sound.
There will be debates on the future of podcasting, and we will also use the podcast format as a platform for discussing the gender distribution in the sound industry.
There will be presentations from some of the brightest talents in the industry and experienced professionals will share their knowledge on the subject.

Game Audio

What is the future of immersive game audio?
A strong team of experienced sound designers from the gaming industry will be debating how immersive sound is going to affect the sound of games.
There will be inspiring keynotes and in-depth case studies presented to you in cooperation with some af the biggest scandinavian game studios.
In addition there will be presentations of new technologies and different types of workshops.

Immersive Music

Do we need immersive music? 
Professionals from the industry debate why we need immersive music. In addition, there will be exciting case studies where different immersive productions are presented. There will be plenty of opportunities to listen to immersive music in some of the new Dolby Atmos studios at Sonic College.

New Concert Formats

Concerts is like watching a live TV show, its all happening in front of you. What would happen if you were immersed by the sound?

Sound Art

What is sound art, what’s special about it? And how do we ensure that we get more in the future?
Hopefully – You’ll get the answer to this question at Sonic Days 2022.
We have invited sound artists from Scandinavia and put them together with the decision-makers who are responsible for curating art.
There will be presentations of sound art works and various presentations of technology that can simplify some of the challenges that can be associated with creating sound art.