Educational & Talent Partners at Sonic Days

In 2023, Sonic College successfully hosted Sonic Days, building on the momentum from its inception in 2022. The conference targets the Nordic audio industry, focusing on cutting-edge technologies, evolving trends, and insightful discussions on the multifaceted world of sound. It has rapidly become a pivotal platform for budding talents, seasoned storytellers, and innovators to connect and exchange ideas.

The previous conference attracted an enthusiastic group of 500 attendees, including a mix of professionals and students, all gathered in Kolding for two days of immersive audio-related content. It was a festive occasion, drawing happy guests and experts from across the Nordic countries.

As we look toward Sonic Days 2024, our ambition grows. We aim to invite all sound education institutions from Denmark and the broader Nordic region, expecting an even larger turnout of up to 600 talents from the audio industry. This will be a chance for future sound designers to engage with industry leaders and forge new pathways.

Here is an overview of our educational and talent partners for Sonic Days 2024. We welcome new institutions to join this vibrant list. If you’re interested in becoming a part of our growing community, please get in touch.